Human Factors Engineer | UX Generalist
innovative user experiences for products


I'm a HF engineer who believes in user-centered design, engineering discipline, and simple, elegant software solutions. I help craft enterprise software products from startups to global companies. Check LinkedIn for more info.

I believe the most critical component of UX practice is communication. I've practiced in companies using waterfall, lean, agile, multiple teams, international teams, distributed teams, and even no team at all, and it's always about understanding customer needs, designing for meeting those needs while satisfying business objectives, then communicating that design to developers and stakeholders and executives clearly, timely, and easily consumable.



Some things I do.

UX strategy

You have a product. You want to make sure your customers think your product is the best thing ever. They're happy. Delerious. They tell their friends. They don't call support. That's the magic. I help you get there?

Information architecture

Figuring out exactly what stuff goes where and how does someone find what they're looking for. If it ain't easy, they're gone. Don't be that product.

Interaction design

Form and function. How it works and how it looks. Form follows function, of course. But, fit and finish can be the difference between good and great.

User research and usability

Not quite sure what floats your user's boats? That's not always easy, but the right skills and tools get you the data you need. Need to test those designs? I'm a Certified Usability Analyst.


Need to get the right answers to the right questions to the right people at the right time? Good dashboards do that. Right?!?

Visual design

Stellar visual design can make or break a product. It can be the difference between owning the space and being just another player. I can provide basic, clean, elegant visuals, and referrals to truly outstanding artists.


I specialize in UX for large-scale enterprise products. Because of their proprietary nature, I share my portfolio only on request. Ask me.